Meet the Team

Designed by passionate people, for passionate people.

The Réunion Trail Academy team is a mixture of scientific expertise and local knowledge of the island. We ensure you’re in great hands and everything is taken care of during your stay.

Local celebrity, born in Normandy, and 2007 Grand Raid ultra marathon winner, Thierry, will be your running guide for the camp. With numerous Grand Raid finishes under his belt as well as years of experience as a hiking and running tour guide on the island, there is no one better to show you the best mountain trails and hidden spots of Réunion than Thierry

"I run this island everyday and everyday I am still amazed at it's beauty."

Thierry Chambry

Seana is our half Scottish, half German mountain runner and fitness trainer. She lives and breathes extreme outdoor sports and isn't scared to push her mind and body to their limits by regularly competing in ultra marathons and skyraces all over Europe. Seana will be on-hand to answer questions you may have about the camp and your stay.

"I can't think of anywhere else in the world I would rather be than exploring the incredible mountains on Réunion with people who enjoy nature as much as me."

Seana Forbes

Javier is the main organizer of the camp and your go-to guy for all organizational topics. Originally from Barcelona but now living in Hamburg, when Javier's not running with his local running crew, he works as an aerospace engineer. He loves the sensation of freedom that running gives him, but even more so, it's the social aspect of sports and the connection and feeling of community you get from being in a running group that drives his passion.

"I am happy to be able to provide this experience for trail runners who don't yet know Réunion. The camp makes it possible to run this incredible island with all the required expertise and support of the coaches."

Javier Perez Torra

Meet Fred, your host. Fred first arrived on the island as a software developer, but after entering the Grand Raid in 2010, Fred's view of Réunion completely changed and he felt as though he just had to share the beauty of the island with others. Fred saw the enormous potential for a training camp and therefore quit his job and made it his mission to build a retreat and base camp in Cilaos, where runners and adventure seekers could come to discover the island and prepare for the Grand Raid.

"Cilaos is the heart of the island and I am the lucky one who gets to share it with others."

Frédéric Segart

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